Admin-Tool für SCUM-Server

  • Hallo zusammen!

    Eben habe ich ein nützliches Tool für alle Admins von SCUM-Servern gefunden. Das Tool wird bereitgestellt durch die Scumcrew Deutschland. Daher der Hinweis, solltet ihr Probleme damit haben, wendet euch bitte an das dortige Team.

    Admin Tool Features:

    - Spawn items and npc`s simply by selecting them and click on your mousebutton
    - Choose amount of items to spawn
    - All items categorized by Type & Equipment Slot
    - All items/npc`s are tested by hand, wheter they are spawn- or usable
    - Easy Filter & Search function to find the item u are looking for
    - All items have characteristics like color, caliber and needed hands
    - 50 predefined locations (all citys, bunkers and poi) where u can teleport just by clicking your mousebutton
    - Easy Settingsmenu where you can enter your steamid (for teleport feature) and also choose which items you want to see
    - Tool is usable on Win 7, 8 & 10
    - Handmade database with all items/npcs inside which is updated on every new patch
    - autoupdate feature which will automaticly the tool if we release new features

    Admin Tool Download & weitere Infos:

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